FORRS Partners is an expert consulting firm in the financial, energy and commodities industries. Founded in 2015, FORRS focuses on mission-critical projects along the complete trading value chain to service clients who are actively participating in all kinds of markets.


Founded in 2008, Square is a strategy and business consulting group that brings together 7 medium-sized firms in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Circle, Tallis, Viatys, Vertuo, Adway, Initio Belgique, Initio Luxembourg et Flow&Co are consulting firms specialized in trade, activity sector or level of intervention. The firms complementarity allows Square to address, with more than 700 consultants, the most complex projects of its clients. The partnership with Green RWA stems from a Research program dedicated to 'Modelling the impact of physical and transition risk on banks and insurances solvency', paired with the responses to the challenges of Climate Responsibility that Square is developing for and with its clients.


Ginini Antipode is a French consultancy supporting finance departments in their daily operations (finance role replacement) and helping them to execute structural projects (changing systems, finance process re-engineering, fast close, mergers/acquisitions, business model overhauls, finance transformations, etc.).


The increase of available data is a challenge for classical mathematical models. Biology, physics, finance, economics and other social sciences are each affected in their own way. Lusenn promotes the formulation and the use of probabilities which have, over time, shown their effectiveness in all these areas.