Green RWA welcomes all candidates, individuals and corporates, who believe in acting on climate change and also think that banks have a bigger role to play in the critical problem.

Members can contribute to various verticals we are undertaking to achieve our goals. They will also benefit from networking with other members and participating in our members-only LinkedIn discussion group. Members will receive monthly reports on our activities and progress towards our goals as well.

Green RWA encourages members to help promote the cause and can become ambassadors to the financial community by following a simple course that we will deliver on a quarterly basis.

Corporate members specific benefits:

  • Access for up to 4 individuals to our private LinkedIn discussion group

  • Wiki and corporate material access

  • Members events participation

  • Press Release and logo on website

  • Trainings on demand (fees to be considered)

Join today by filling in the form.

Who Should Join?

Individuals incuding students who:

  • want to learn more about climate change and finance

  • want to network in the climate-finance ecosystem

  • believe banks need to do more and want to encourage it

  • want to learn and participate to the cause Green RWA is supporting

Anyone who wants to contribute and has knowledge in climate management/ environment, energy, finance, and/or economy


  • Financial institutions which believe and are active in the green transition and believe banks have a key role to play

  • Consultancies developing their green finance acitivity, support banks and want to implement our climate-extended model

  • Corporates which believe they can benefit from the transition and the way green finance is moving but also want to learn more on green finance and how to benefit from it

Membership Fees

  • Individuals: 200 Euros / year

  • Corporates: 2,000 Euros / year

  • Benefactor Member: 20,000 Euros / year

  • Students: 20 Euros / year

The price includes admission and first year subscription.